Genius Hub

Install Genius Hub and start saving money on your heating bills

Start saving money on your energy bills by installing Genius Hub in your property.

First introduced in 2013, the Genius Heating Control System quickly became one of the leading products in the emerging ‘The Internet of Things’. Since then Genius Hub has saved businesses £1000’s by providing reliable and efficient heating control for hotels, student accommodation, large and small offices, nursing homes, schools and churches.

Clever room sensors allow you to control your energy consumption by automatically adjust your heating up or down depending on occupancy of rooms. Full control over preferred temperatures is controlled and set on the Genius Hub app.

Because the Genius Hub system uses WiFi technology the system is discreet and does not require major wiring installations. The user friendly Genius Hub app is available for both iOS and Android and once installed all parameters including temperature control, battery levels and room occupancy can be controlled remotely.

Better management and control results in great cost savings, whilst at the same time offering you additional benefits of remote control. The smart room sensors automatically detect is someone enters the room or office which allowing you to set maximum and minimum temperatures depending on occupancy. When extended periods of non-occupancy occur you can simply turn off the heating completely from the smartphone app or your computer.

The Genius Hub is suitable for just about any commercial company and has been installed in hotels, housing associations, care homes, nursing homes and communal residential buildings.

A statistical analysis of a ten week period in The Belfry Hotel & Resort showed 64% saving when compared to their standard heating schedules.

Open window detection

The Genius Radiator Valve detects when a guest has opened a window and turns off the radiator automatically.

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