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‘Espresso Martini Too’ The Team

The Little Britain Challenge Cup (LBCC) is the property and construction industry’s annual sailing regatta. Since its foundation in 1988, the regatta has attracted hundreds of companies and thousands of crews, and for many it remains one of the best, most enjoyable and memorable networking events in the industry.

The regatta is dedicated to raising money for the LBCC sailing charities who have been heavily affected over the past year as their funding channels have dried up due to the social and working restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

This year’s regatta was held in West Cowes, at Shepards Marina, and raced on the Solent, around the cans, with courses set in both the east and west of central Solent.

Espresso Martini Too

Garth Byrne; Ian White; Juan Cabrera; Mark Evans; Paul Mickleburgh; Bill Fraser; Colin Paterson; Tom Archer; Glyn Sheffield; Annika Sukova; David Frost; Russell Morrice

What do you get when you put together a very fast race prepared yacht and a mixed crew of experienced and not so experienced sailors? You get the superb CGBS/ACU/ELCO team, a helmsman with unshakeable optimism, several men ‘almost’ over-board, grog filled nights, bleary mornings, new friends for life and a great deal of fun.

In the first of what we hope will be many adventures, the CGBS/ACU/ELCO team learnt the real meaning of teamwork over three tough days competing in September’s Little Britain Challenge Cup. Whilst we did not necessarily achieve the results that our helmsman anticipated (a clean sweep of all five races in our class), we did have some superb moments when everything gelled….but the sea is a harsh mistress and it only takes a momentary lapse in concentration or minor malfunction and your suddenly fighting for position rather than victory.

Our team, the youngest member of which was a veritable giant at seven feet tall to the oldest, a former special forces soldier, Christian missionary and currently a Chelsea Pensioner, remained indefatigable. We endured not only the hardship of the races but also met with enthusiasm the challenge of the post-race pontoon parties and dinners….I am proud to say that we more than held our own against the more experienced teams in this respect.

For those of you with a more technical interest in the actual racing and equipment used, the team was crewing a Farr 40 racing yacht, the Espresso Martini Too, race prepared by the Skipper, Glyn Sheffield and sponsored by Aquapax. The Farr 40 is a 40-foot one-design sailboat designed by Farr Yacht Design in 1996. It was originally designed as a one design class but had some compromises in design to rate under the International Measurement System (IMS) rule. The class has held World Sailing class status since 1997.

Little Britain Challenge Cup


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Little Britain Challenge Cup

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