ACV E-Tech W36 Three Phase

Is my boiler domestic or commercial?

Commercial Boilers

Most commercial boiler systems are installed in commercial business where the units are solely intended for commercial purposes such as office, factories, hotels, care homes etc. Commercial boilers often comprise of either one large boiler capable of up to 150Kw of output, or a series of smaller boilers designed to collectively output up to 150Kw or more.

Domestic Boilers

Domestic boilers typically output 10 to 40Kw of power and are intended for use in the average domestic family house or apartment. These can often have upwards to 12 radiators and 6 or fewer inhabitants within the home.

Commercial Boilers in a Domestic Setting.

Confusion can arise between commercial and domestic when the size of the domestic dwelling exceeds the average home. These would include domestic residences occupy a higher than average square footage with more than 7 bedrooms and multiple living areas and bathrooms. These require commercial boiler systems capable of delivering the correct output requirements and must be installed, repaired and serviced by an engineer that holds a domestic gas qualification can carry out work on commercial boilers.


Commercial boilers in a domestic setting may be require additional items not normally found in lower spec domestic boilers such as: low loss headers, compensated mixing circuits and flue fan dilution systems which a required in order to withstand a higher flow rate (due bigger heat exchangers) in order to allow for for additional radiators to be added to the heating system without any circulation issues.

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