Commercial Gas And Boiler Services can offer a full design and commercial boiler installation service to ensure that you have a heating system that meets and excels your future expectations at a budget that suits your pocket.

Most heating systems are oversized which means that the capital cost will be significantly higher than it should be.
An oversized system will not match the real building load correctly which will increase the operating and maintenance costs so it is very important to correctly match the new heating system to the building requirements to ensure both capital and operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Industrial Heating System Installation and Design

Modern boiler room of an apartment building


We can install, repair and service Gas Interlock Systems for commercial kitchens, plant rooms, schools and factories fast and efficiently in the Greater London Area. Our fully qualified commercial gas engineers can advise on the best gas interlock system for your premises. We can also provide gas interlock system safety certificates so you can relax knowing that your are fully compliant with the safety regulations.


A gas interlock system is a failsafe system that restricts and checks the flow of gas to appliances in the kitchen or plant room. The interlock system can be connected to your ventilation, gas detection equipment, fire alarm and various over safety devices.

In the instance one of the connected systems fails or is triggered, the gas supply is cut off and locked out meaning the property and those inside are kept safe from any possible issues from the gas supply or any byproducts from combustion such as Carbon Monoxide.

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BMS System Design


We provide a full design and build service or a specification suitable for a tender document. We look at what you want to achieve with the new heating plant, we look at any changes that have taken place since the last heating system was installed and changes that may well be planned in the future. We also look at how renewable systems can be incorporated into any new designs to minimise emissions and your carbon footprint.


When carrying out a site survey, it is important to look at how the plant is being operated throughout the year. Fuel consumption for each month should be checked as well as an investigation of over and under heating throughout the property.

It is important to understand existing issues the site to ensure the changes will rectify these as well. We can look at both heating and hot water generation and assess how these can be best matched to your building requirements. There are many reasons that a new system will be different from what was installed in the past. This can be due to change of use, modification like windows or insulation added over the years. For offices, we often find hot water demand has dropped so alternative systems are often required, such as point of use water heaters rather than replacing calorifiers or direct-fired water heater.


We design and install for:

  • Communal Buildings
  • Large Public Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Sport and Leisure Centres

The next step towards your plant replacement

A free site inspection to advise on the plant condition and what options you have to improve the system. This could be due to the age of the equipment, you may want to reduce your fuel bill or carbon and nitrous oxide emissions. You may want to see if low or zero-carbon equipment can be used to heat your property. We would prepare a report outlining the options, potential costs and outline any potential issues.


A site survey would be an option if you require full details of installing or upgrading a heating system. All the equipment would be sized and listed to meet your requirements as well as full schematic and layout drawings for the site. A full report will be produced so all the work required can be completed to meet your site requirements. This could be for the time scale or maintaining services while the work is being completed or both.

We can offer a full specification service if you are looking for contractors to tender for a project.


We know that reliability and running costs are the most important factors in industrial and commercial gas heating systems. We pride in having an experienced design team that will help install the right system for your organisation.

We do have other services that we can provide to your organisation such as our boiler repairs services in London or our commercial gas purging and pipe installation service. If you would like more information regarding these services, click on the links.

As one of the leading commercial and industrial heating specialists in London, we aim to provide outstanding customer service at the highest quality.

If you would like one of our commercial heating system surveyors to visit your company for a free quote, contact us today on 0207 9989 005. One of our team will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.


Genius Hub is an advanced smart, zoned heating system for commercial premises. It can identify when each room of your office, is occupied and can automatically turn the heating on to a specified temperature and saving you energy when the room is unoccupied. Genius Hub can control Hot Water, Underfloor Heating, Radiator Valves and even Lighting all from one central hub.

Find out more about Genius Hub.