Gas Booster Pumps

What is a Gas Booster Pump and why would I need one?

If you are in an area with a low gas pressure and your new gas-powered equipment will not operate but your gas suppliers solution is to pay to upgrade their pipework to your property, there may be a cheaper and less disruptive alternative.

With a few modifications to your existing pipework, we can install a gas booster to ensure that your equipment is getting the energy needed to run correctly and safely. As it sounds, the booster will enable the gas pressure to reach sufficient levels for your boilers, burners and power engines to operate in line with manufacturers instructions and the various regulations.

Gas booster pump installation requires specialist expertise and experience to ensure that the manufacturers’ designs and specifications are adhered to including and regulations such as BS 8487:2007 (The design and construction of gas boosters used in association with combustion equipment). You can rest assured that our experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers are fully qualified to undertake the fitting of gas booster pumps in order to meet the demanding operating standards required.

Our specialist design team will provide a solution with the perfect equipment that will suit your needs. This includes but is not limited to boilers, gas boosters, CHPs, pumps, pressurisations units and much more, all the way to the required pipework and fittings so our designs comply with industry standards and regulations.

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