Electric Boilers

Are planning for a carbon free future or looking to reduce your carbon footprint?
Have you consider replacing your gas boiler with an electric boiler as an alternative source of heat and hot water.

But why choose an electric boiler, aren’t modern gas appliances with condensing technology much more efficient than they used to be?

Yes, modern gas appliances now feature condensing technology to reuse the gas rather than waste it but their efficiency is not 100%. Condensing boilers still produce polluting waste by-products in the form of carbon emissions as well as hazardous sludge that needs to be disposed of when they are serviced.

So why electric?

Well one of the major benefits is to the environment which will become increasingly important to companies and in new build housing from 2025. Electric boiler technology has advanced to the point where many boilers are hyper-efficient and no waste products are produced. Many models available can operate with 99% efficiency, which means that they out-perform appliances powered by gas or bio-fuel. This makes them an economical alternative to LPG and in off-grid locations where a property does not have a gas connection.

Other benefits include:

Cheaper installation and flexibility

Electric boilers do not need a flue because there is no waste gas to expel. As a result, they can be placed in far more locations within a property. No fuel tank is needed either. As such, the units are generally smaller and space saving. It is also easier to hook a unit up to the electrical mains rather than install a new gas line.

Low maintenance costs
The electric boilers we supply are constructed from high-quality components. This means that they are both low maintenance and easy to maintain.

The only regular maintenance needed is to rid the boiler tank periodically of any debris brought in with the water, unless you have a filter installed. There is no burning so no residue to clean or concerns about pilot lights. This should also result in fewer boiler repairs.


There are no concerns about gas leaks with electric boilers because they do not use the fuel at all which means that your safety is more assured.


Apart from the lower maintenance costs the main benefit for landlords is that it removes the requirement for annual gas safety testing on the boiler


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