COVID-19 Policies

General Safe Guarding Protocol

Our workforce have been instructed to follow all Goverment Guidlines for infection control, including:

  • Washing hands using hand sanitiser or soap and water
  • Monitoring and avoiding close contact with anyone suspected of having covid or covid symptoms
  • To contact NHS 111 and seek medical care early if a fever, cough or breathing difficulty occurs
  • To avoid touching face, especially eyes, nose and mouth at all times.


PPE & hygiene supplies

We provide hand santiser to our tradesmen and require them to wash their hands on entering and leaving the customers property.

In line with Government guidlines our tradespeople are equipped with full personal protective equipment (PPE).


Our Clients

When booking a engineer we ask our clients to inform us any occupant in the property has symptoms or is currently in isolation due to suspected covid infection or has test postive COVID-19 infection.