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Boiler Servicing – When To Book

You might be asking yourself “why is he talking about boiler services at the start of summer?”

Rest assured ladies and gents, I have not lost the plot but with many years in the industry, I have heard many reasons why people have their service carried out at different times of the year and some have been more original than others!

Now, I assume that most of you will have your boilers and heating systems serviced each year, not only to keep them running efficiently but also to keep them in good condition – your heating system is just like you as it needs to be properly looked after if you want it to have a long (and in-expensive) life.

The question is, do you book your service when it starts to get nippy and you turn your heating on, when it warms up and you stop using your heating or in late summer.

Well to answer honestly, there is no such thing as a bad time to have your heating system serviced but let’s have a look at the pros and cons of when to have it carried out.

When you start using your heating

Depending on where you are in the world, this can be at all different times of the year and also depends on your tolerance to the cold. The ideal situation is that you feel a tad chilly, switch on your thermostat and hey presto; it’s like being in the tropics again. Whilst your heating system is doing its thing, it’ll either run smoothly or you’ll have a few issues or some god awful clangs, beeps and flashing lights.

As long as everything is running smoothly, it may seem to be a good idea to have your boiler serviced but keep in mind that as mad of you are thinking about your heating at this time, you will not be the only one booking in a service. What this means is that you may have extended times to wait before a local engineer can come out to you and the problem here is that if there is an issue i.e. a leak on the system so it’s running dry and under pressure, you may be doing more harm than good and in this example, you may burn out one of your heat exchangers and these bad boys are not cheap.

On the plus side, it’s not a bad idea to do it when the weather is still bearable as if any repairs are required and you are unable to use your heating system for a period of time, you know a good cup of hot coco and some blankets will probably do the trick.

In the grips of winter

When I say the grip of winter, I think snow, sleet, ice and refusing to get out of bed until the heating has kicked in and warmed the house up.

Although there’s never a bad time to get your heating system serviced, this has the same benefits as above but also means that if any parts are required, all your local heating engineers will be flat out so you will have a longer wait and any parts you need will have a higher chance of being out of stock.

In essence, if everything is fine then it’s no issue but if there are any and your engineer has to whack a warning notice on and isolate your boiler, you’re really going to feel it and will likely have a fair old wait until your hero of a heating engineer can come back and save the day! What I am getting at is that having a service at this stage may be a good idea as it’s around the anniversary of the installation of your heating system or it’s just your preference but I strongly implore you to avoid this wherever possible due to possible negative outcomes.

Towards the end of Summer

I bet that your heating is that last thing on your mind when it’s 30+ degrees Celsius (that’s 86+ degrees Fahrenheit or 303.15+ Kelvin for those who live on the wild side) as you’re on holiday or out partying like Bryan Adams in the summer of 69!

Having your heating system serviced at this time of year is full of benefits. Not only has your heating system likely sat unused, stagnating and full of water for the past few months but your heating engineer will likely be able to come to you as and when you want him to.

Most heating systems have an increased chance of developing a few issues when they haven’t been used in a while just the same as your body – we’ve all binged a series or 2 in a day and we all know how stiff and lethargic we feel after and your systems are the same!

Let’s not forget that having your boiler serviced just before the weather starts to turn means that when the temperature drops, you know you can turn on your heating system and sit there without a worry in the world as you know everything is working in tip-top condition.

With the above in mind plus the fact that you’re not going to miss your heating system if it needs repairs for a few days or needs to be replaced, to me, this is the best possible time to have your service carried out.

The only con I can provide is that you will be spending money on your heating instead of getting in a jug of Pimms in your local watering hole. For us Brits, that’s what summer is all about!

On that note, if calling out a heating engineer in the summer, do make sure you have a cold drink ready for your engineers as they’re gonna get hot working with a boiler in the heat! You wouldn’t leave an engineer locked in a car with the windows closed, would you?

And finally, at the start of Spring

The birds are chirping and Jack Frost has begun to retreat back to whence he came and life can start again as normally without the array of mittens, woolly hats and hot water bottles!

This again is not a bad time to have your heating system serviced as it has had a hard slog through winter and if it’s like mine, it will have been on for a good 12+ hours per day.

This means it has done a lot of work and has any parts that may have been a bit iffy will more than likely show signs of degradation. On top of this, your heating engineer’s schedule should be a tad clearer and part stock will be returning to less chaotic state plus if your boiler is taken offline for a few days, you know you can just about manage.

All in all, this is quite a good time to get your heating system serviced. The only drawback is that the system will be left unused and stagnating for the next few months which won’t be good for it.

In summary, my opinion is that if you’re going to get you heating system serviced, try and get it done as summer draws to a close as it’s the best time to do so and wherever possible, try and avoid mid-winter as that when things get dicey if there are any issues.

If you’re ever in doubt and your heating system start to make odd noises or isn’t working correctly, your specialist heating engineers are only one phone call away and it may end up saving you a hefty repair bill in the process.

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